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disown v : prevent deliberately (as by making a will) from inheriting [syn: disinherit] [ant: bequeath]

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  1. To refuse to own or to refuse to acknowledge one’s own.

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DISOWN is a four-piece Electronic/Industrial/Rock band originally from Cleveland, Ohio.
Along with guitar riffs and stabbing electronic synths similar to Nine Inch Nails or Linkin Park, DISOWN adds an arrangement of melodic, emotional lyrics similar to A Perfect Circle or Tool. Formed in 2000, DISOWN has shared the stage with HIM, Atreyu, Lacuna Coil, Static-X, Orgy, Godhead, Crossbreed, Mushroomhead, Trust Co., KMFDM and Apex Theory.
The original lineup consisted of Jae Rohrer on vocals and guitar, Mitch Langford on guitar and sequencing, Jesse Rohrer on bass, and Gerry Lakarosky on drums.
In 2001, Disown appeared in an article of the Daily Kent Stater written by Mark Bodkin documenting the recording process of their first release "Angels and Atheists." Later that same year, they traveled to the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio to demo three songs with Eric Rickey that would later appear on "Requiem of One." In 2004, DISOWN secured a spot on the OzzFest 2004 tour performing in front of more than 30,000 people, their biggest show to date. In 2005, the band secured business with Cleopatra Records and had their single, "Policy of Truth" placed on a tribute to Depeche Mode. The album is currently being distributed nationally and internationally to every major CD chain store (BestBuy, Sam Goody, Hot Topic, etc.). In early 2006, DISOWN was named Top 20 best artist on Myspace and selected for a chance to place a track on Vivendi/Universal's upcoming PC game, Scarface.
On March 4th, 2008, their former guitarist, Mikal, was involved in a car accident in Michigan, and passed away on March 6th.
Currently, DISOWN just received sponsorship by SamAsh and endorsements from Halo Guitars. As well, they are securing a national management team for dealings with major labels, and have been nominated for Best Goth/Industrial Act 3 years in a row by the Cleveland Free Times.


  • Dildo Wars (2001)
  • ''Goth Losers and Other Morons" (2002)


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abjure, assert the contrary, back down, back out, backwater, belie, brush aside, chuck, chuck out, climb down, contemn, contest, contradict, contravene, controvert, counter, crawfish out, cross, cut off, decline, deny, despise, disaffirm, disallow, disapprove, disavow, discard, disclaim, discount, disdain, disendow, disherison, disinherit, dismiss, dispossess, disprove, dispute, disregard, disseise, eat crow, eat humble pie, evict, except, exclude, expropriate, foreclose, forswear, gainsay, ignore, impugn, join issue upon, not accept, not admit, nullify, oppose, pass by, pass up, push aside, rebuff, recant, refuse, refuse to admit, refuse to consider, refute, reject, renege, renounce, repel, repudiate, repulse, retract, revoke, scout, shove away, spurn, swallow, take back, take issue with, throw away, throw out, turn away, turn out, unsay, waive, withdraw
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